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Tom’s Operating Philosophy

Family Consultation Services was established to offer family educational programs and personal consulting services to people who want to know more about family dynamics, figure out how their own family works, and how to help individuals free themselves from the issues they developed while growing up in their family.

Why would you want to know this crucial information?

Because, the family that raised you created a huge imprint on you and had an enormous influence on who you are today.

There is a professional body of knowledge and research on what makes families and individuals “tick”. I plan to share that information with you – give you the inside scoop – and help you apply these principles and theories to your personal everyday life.

Personal Consulting

Feeling lost? Learn how to set a course for your life, then move ahead.


Families change over time – get the guidance you need to make your house a home again.


See Tom Power’s written compilation of his knowledge and experience.

How we get here

Tom’s Philosophy

I operate from a deep-rooted knowledge and belief that each of us is the product of our biology (nature) and our interactions and communications within our family (nurture). But most importantly, it is our relationship with our mother and father or their stand-ins that is crucial. I focus heavily on the nurture side and how some of those interactions can present stumbling blocks to your future growth.

This family map shows how you developed into the person you are. It’s like a funnel. All of dad’s assets and liabilities go directly into the funnel…the ones that we can see (good sense of humor, athletic…) as well as the ones that he has internalized (shyness, fear of confrontation… and dad’s secret – he used to get bullied on his way to school every day.) Same for mom…she’s outgoing…fun to be with…and raised by a controlling mom and absent dad.


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