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Tom Power has a varied, extensive and professional background in guiding individuals, families, and organizations into meaningful, effective, and rewarding relationships.


Years of experience and education have given Tom the breadth and scope to understand and apply functional practices to relationship problems of any kind.

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Confidentiality, privacy, and responsibility are important traits in anyone you trust with your most important plans. Tom Power has a proven record.


Whether online or in person, Tom is available to design a strategy with you that is responsive, effective, and empowering.

Family Consultant

Tom Power

I was drawn to becoming a family therapist because I wanted to repair and rehab my own family issues. Then, after many years of training, I was prepared to help others. I have spent a significant portion of my own life addressing my ability to listen effectively and communicate responsibly in my goal to create an authentic life. I could not help you if I did not know the journey.

First, as a clinical member and Approved Supervisor with the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy for over 20 years, I worked to help individuals and couples to thrive in relationships not just survive…to learn to live passionate and intimate lives while raising children and launching them. And then, for another 20 plus years, as a business owner (with 50 employees) and consultant to Family-Owned businesses, I used that same commitment, willingness to challenge the status quo and desire for excellence to propel and demonstrate my belief that everything could be improved if you were committed to telling and living the truth!

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I am a rather unique individual. My parents loved me, but were learning on the job. I was a middle child, therefore, in charge of making peace anytime my mother and father had a problem. My father thought that the secret to good marital communication was to STOP talking to my mother. Now that would have been a good idea, if it lasted several hours – a cooling off period. But no. He would stop talking for days…weeks. It drove me crazy.

So, I became the “in-house marital therapist” at about age 10. I’d go to my older sister, Pat, and my younger brother, Bob, and connive a plan with them to get my parents talking together – so the icy tension would subside. It usually worked.

This was a big load for the 10 year old in-house family therapist. But, he works hard at it, feels compelled to keep the peace, and worries extensively instead of focusing on his own development.

Now this is important. These are all good people – deep down really loving people who are unaware of how the family’s inter-relationships are impacting each individual.

Many of us “are in the same boat” with regard to how we were raised. We start out with 2 parents…neither of whom ever took a course in: how to communicate with your spouse to create a loving partnership…nor, how to raise healthy children in a topsy-turvy world… nor, how to maintain a loving marital relationship while raising and launching children. And,when the boat hits a storm (everyone’s boat does)…no one sought professional help…and probably worked harder doing the same things that got them into the trouble in the first place…

Proven Strategies

A History of Success

  • Professor, clinical supervisor, marriage and family therapist focusing on the prevention of family problems.
  • Mentor and supervisor of therapists.
  • Family therapy instructor for MSW and PhD clinicians.
  • Educator teaching parents family life skills.
  • Interested in enhancing and improving the quality of marital and family relationships through education and consulting services.


  • Family Institute of Westchester, Faculty Member and Director of Community Education
  • Ackerman Family Institute
  • Member and Approved Supervisor of the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy and a member of the Family Therapy Academy for over 20 years.
  • Masters Degrees in both Counseling and Social Work, New York University

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