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Family Consultation Services was established to offer family educational programs and personal consulting services to people who want to know more about family dynamics, figure out how their own family works, and how to help individuals free themselves from the issues they developed while growing up in their family.

The following articles were published in the Laconia Daily Sun to begin conversations on these important topics. Please add comments or questions to the articles, and let’s keep talking.



 “You Are What You Do…Not What You Say You’ll Do”

                                 C.G. Jung


This will be the 50th and final Family Matters column.  I am very grateful to Roger Carroll, the editor, for making this opportunity possible.  It has been a privilege to have had the opportunity to share with you each week new ideas about family relationships and to...

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Integrity is the bedrock and foundation of our existence. It isn’t anything that we can hold in our hand or see. But, we can certainly feel it and experience it.  It is the core place within us where we store the definition of ourselves, the “who we are” and “who we...

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New Year’s Resolutions

As the year comes to an end, it is customary for people to be thinking about resolutions for the new year.  The dictionary would say a resolution is, “a firm decision to do or not do something…the firmness of purpose…determination.  I see it as making a promise, the...

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How To Talk Politics with Disagreeing Loved Ones

First off, I am not sure that both those terms belong in the same sentence.  It can be difficult to talk to friends who have different political views at this time in our country, no less “loved ones” where there is an emotional and long-standing bond.   There are...

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The Art of Giving

Last week, we talked about expressing our gratitude when someone gives us a gift or when they share something with us that makes us happy. This week let’s look at expectations of the giver. It really has to do with what your definition of of a “gift” is.  When I give...

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Thank You

Thanksgiving was last week, but I wanted to spend a moment looking at the expression “thank you.”  What was it originally intended to mean?  I think, to the pilgrims, it expressed more about gratitude, being grateful for - than anything else. It was originally a time...

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Acts of Love and Kindness

Last week I challenged you to be more loving, kinder, gentler, more giving, more attentive, more willing to serve and provide, more committed to being a real partner to the most important people in your life.  So, I decided this week to provide you with a few ideas...

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When You Love Somebody, Express It

When are you at your best, most alive and caring? When is it that your feet barely touch the ground because you are so excited? I am sure when you think about these questions you will find that you were focused on giving, providing, serving or loving somebody else....

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A “Fear Reaction”

Fear is a killer, a stopper, a detriment to human interactions.  If you came across a bear in the woods while hiking, you would have an instantaneous experience of what “fear” is.  We can imagine that feeling; it's like an electrical shock to our system; we have a...

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Adult-o-lescence Continued

Today we will be continuing the adolescents’ journey towards discovering who they are, their need for limits, the balancing act for parents trying to reach agreement on decisions regarding their child’s process, and also, looking at what stage the parents’ are going...

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