Family Matters Articles in the Laconia Daily Sun

Family Consultation Services was established to offer family educational programs and personal consulting services to people who want to know more about family dynamics, figure out how their own family works, and how to help individuals free themselves from the issues they developed while growing up in their family.

The following articles were published in the Laconia Daily Sun to begin conversations on these important topics. Please add comments or questions to the articles, and let’s keep talking.



 “You Are What You Do…Not What You Say You’ll Do”

                                 C.G. Jung

My Plan for My Family’s Well-being

Can you imagine a Fortune 500 CEO walking into the annual meeting and delivering the company’s mission and strategy for the company’s growth and success without a PLAN in hand?  Absolutely not!  Why?  The company would fail and the chief executive would be fired...

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Your Family Backpack

Imagine everyone walking around with a backpack on their shoulders just like the ones we see school children wearing.  As a family consultant, I don’t see school books inside the packs.  I envision those backpacks filled with a child’s family patterns, rules of...

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My Family Inheritance

Did you know that your family has been passing things on - like physical and emotional patterns - to you from generation to generation? You may have noticed some but probably not all of them.  For example, if you are tall, have brown hair and blue eyes, someone may...

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Be Grateful

We have all just finished a crazy, hectic and busy holiday season.  We have had some really good times and, I’m sure, some challenging experiences as well.  That’s commonly known as “being in a family.”   There is probably no better time than now to take stock of...

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  The purpose of the Family Matters column is to inform, rekindle and inspire a renewed effort in improving family well-being in our community. It takes the awareness and commitment of a community to provide, promote and enhance family well-being. We all can...

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