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Family Consultation Services was established to offer family educational programs and personal consulting services to people who want to know more about family dynamics, figure out how their own family works, and how to help individuals free themselves from the issues they developed while growing up in their family.

The following articles were published in the Laconia Daily Sun to begin conversations on these important topics. Please add comments or questions to the articles, and let’s keep talking.



 “You Are What You Do…Not What You Say You’ll Do”

                                 C.G. Jung

An Affair – Dropping the “A” Bomb

As you may recall, last week I introduced you to the”Smith family.”  The parents came to see me about their son, Tim, a high school senior. His grades had been dropping, he had been exhibiting some negative behaviors, and he was in danger of having his acceptance at...

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Where There Is Smoke, There’s Fire

The family is a unit made up of interrelated and interconnected parts. It is an incredible thing when it works correctly; but when it is out of alignment, many innocent people can be affected. Here is an example of what I mean. Harry and Susan Smith have been married...

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The Answer Is You

These are very difficult, uncharted and confusing times.  People want answers; we have always been driven towards knowledge when we start to get frightened.  Fear is a healthy emotion.  It wakes us up and gets us moving.  So, it is all right to use our anxieties to...

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We Will Survive

We are entering some very difficult times and unchartered waters in the next several weeks to months. We have not been through this as a nation before and it will certainly test our character, our resolve and our love for one another. We will be challenged by...

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Outpouring of Love

It was amazing to see the universal outpouring of love, empathy and compassion that the death of Kobe Bryant (his daughter and 5 other passengers) produced in the world. He is still being honored and memorialized. It gives me renewed hope and a stronger belief that we...

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Working on Yourself First

Working on self-improvement is always difficult because we would rather work on someone else’s behavior or issues rather than on our own. This is common thinking; you are not alone; it just doesn’t work. This is particularly true in partner relationships. In...

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My Plan for Self-Improvement

How did you do with your plan?  Every time we commit to up-our-game, reach for a little higher goal or speak our truth out loud, there are always two forces that kick-in to hold us back and put a self-defeating voice into our plan for self-improvement.  I think it is...

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My Plan for My Family’s Well-being

Can you imagine a Fortune 500 CEO walking into the annual meeting and delivering the company’s mission and strategy for the company’s growth and success without a PLAN in hand?  Absolutely not!  Why?  The company would fail and the chief executive would be fired...

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Your Family Backpack

Imagine everyone walking around with a backpack on their shoulders just like the ones we see school children wearing.  As a family consultant, I don’t see school books inside the packs.  I envision those backpacks filled with a child’s family patterns, rules of...

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My Family Inheritance

Did you know that your family has been passing things on - like physical and emotional patterns - to you from generation to generation? You may have noticed some but probably not all of them.  For example, if you are tall, have brown hair and blue eyes, someone may...

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