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Family Consultation Services was established to offer family educational programs and personal consulting services to people who want to know more about family dynamics, figure out how their own family works, and how to help individuals free themselves from the issues they developed while growing up in their family.

The following articles were published in the Laconia Daily Sun to begin conversations on these important topics. Please add comments or questions to the articles, and let’s keep talking.



 “You Are What You Do…Not What You Say You’ll Do”

                                 C.G. Jung

Distancing and Pursuing

Last week I asked you to think about what tendencies you had when seeking to increase your emotional connectedness to your partner.  Do you think of yourself as a pursuer, that is, someone who tends to seek emotional contact, someone who wants to frequently talk about...

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Emotional Connectedness in Intimate Relationships

Today I would like to discuss two very different styles of how people connect emotionally, that is, find that comfortable space - neither too close nor too distant - when trying to find intimacy with their partner or soulmate.  Let’s us the terms "pursuing and...

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Families in Pain

There is so much to be sad about right now; where should we start.  If your family isn't sad, disturbed or upset by what is going on in our country, you must be living in a bubble.  Unfortunately, our families are being bombarded by strong outside forces which by...

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Promoting Family Fun & Positivity

I have chosen this topic for today’s column because it can be misunderstood, sometimes taken for granted and, yet, so essential for family well-being.  Too many families don't have enough fun.   You ask, “what's family fun?”  Fun is defined by the Oxford English...

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Family Loyalty

Family loyalty, a strong and deep-seated value, is taught to us early on both in conversations, in people’s actions and behaviors - almost subliminally. There are so many verbal comments made amongst family members that teach us this; like,“he's family, he deserves...

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Solving Family Problems

I am disturbed by the focus of today's column but I think we have to address it head on.  It sounds as though family problems are a given, they have always been there and they will continue to follow us no matter where we go.  And, unfortunately, this is very true. ...

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The Family Dog

It’s amazing what a dog can teach us about human relationships! The first thing that comes to mind is that every time you come home - no matter where they are in the house - the backyard, upstairs in the bedroom or even in their favorite sleeping spot in the sun -...

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Labeling is a process that exists in all families. It starts out almost innocently, sounding like a funny, offhanded comment that usually gets a laugh, often by someone who sees a vulnerability in someone. But, this dynamic has the potential to have long-term,...

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Just Do Something!

“Actions speak louder than words” is a common expression.  Today’s column is about taking action, doing something positive.  As C.J. June said, “You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do.” I think so much valuable time and energy are lost in the maze and...

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The Family as a Factory

When I think of a factory, I conjure up thoughts of an assembly line where individuals might add something to what already exists, create parts that will be put together at a later time, or a process that is followed to produce a product or outcome.  Well, the family...

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