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Anyone who has ever had parents or lived in a family leaves that family with pluses and minuses, strengths and weaknesses (issues) – like items in a backpack to carry around with them for the rest of their lives. I am not going to focus on your family’s strengths because, hopefully, these are not causing you any upset.

On the other hand, if you have had a stressful family experience, it can be helpful to address some of those issues in order to produce more successful relationships. Some of us go through life wrestling and battling these issues not knowing where they really came from or how to address them. 

Experience Counts

I have studied families and know how to help people unlock constraints stopping them from having a full life. 

Outcome is Essential

This process is not for everybody. It is not therapy but not every relationship issue needs therapy to be improved. Change will not come overnight.

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If “what you have in your backpack” is still holding you back, why not let me guide you through the process of emptying that backpack of some of the weight and unnecessary baggage?

Here’s the Deal

I am offering you a free consultation to demonstrate how this program can help you. Choose something! Do you have a relationship issue with a loved one you’d like to improve; some aspect of your life where you feel stuck and are struggling to move forward; would you like to be less angry or be more loving to your partner (and children); wondering how YOU can choose a good partner; you name it?

In that time we will decide if I can help you with the issue that you have presented. Then together, we will set up a plan to address its resolution. Perhaps, it is a worry that needs only a minor adjustment in approach and will be solved in our free consultation. Or maybe, we will decide that it would be best to refer you to another professional who can help you with your specific needs.

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