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Is This What You Want?

Do you wake up in the morning asking, “Am I fulfilled? Am I doing what I really love? Do I really have the “right” person or people in my life who encourage and support me?”

Sometimes, we get caught following someone else’s script. It’s no longer ours. We’ve separated ourselves from what makes us feel alive and excited! Learn how to write your own script in life.

Our Program

You control your path.

You are the source of change in your life

So, I ask you, from now on, is it going to be “Your LIFE?” 

Making the right choice at this moment in your life is crucial. 

Charge Forward

Choose your path

This is your chance to make sure that you are on YOUR trajectory to an outstanding life! This is your time to re-direct your energies towards your agenda!

Today presents a unique opportunity!

My responsibility as your consultant is to re-awaken those dreams and plans that for some reason became stuck or went off your course.


What We Can Do For You

Have you been wanting something different?  Seeking more for your life?  Are you realizing that in spite of having worked hard and achieved a good education, your present job, career path and/or relationships are not looking like they will produce the life you truly want? 


Then, what are you waiting for?

find your passion

Take the time to discover the parts of living that make you feel alive!

renew your purpose

Feel the joy of a day with meaning, a week with a goal, a life with a purpose.


communicate effectively

Learn the skills to understand and be understood.

challenge yourself

Don’t settle for an ok life. Push your limits and feel what it means to achieve!

From Tom

Make Your Own Opportunities

My name is Tom Power.  I am excited that you have taken the first step to evaluate whether or not Change U is right for you.  This decision to challenge yourself and your way of thinking about your present situation is courageous.

Changing yourself is the toughest task anyone has to undertake in order to be successful and fulfilled.  The changes you will be facing, aren’t easy – if they were – you would have made them a long time ago. This time, you are considering a partnership to help you have greater success.

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