How it works


Family Consultation Services works through one-to-one consulting meetings. Some will be in person, but the majority will be conducted via Zoom online video chat.


I will be your consultant for all the meetings. The meetings are 75 minutes long; we generally meet once a week usually at the same scheduled time.


This educational partnership is structured upon the accomplishment of specific goals and is characterized by mutual trust, respect and confidentiality.


I ask significant and challenging questions designed to expand and challenge your present view and understanding of your life.


I Hope You Want

More Results

and fewer excuses for why you don’t, as yet, have what you want.

More Structure

and discipline, less false starts and drifting about.

The Truth

and only straight talk!

Proven Success

The Next Step

The next step is to set up a phone interview to discuss your interest and for me to answer some of your questions. You can do that by calling me at (603) 520-3764. I look forward to continuing the conversation.

Get In Touch

online consulting is available

(603) 520-3764

[email protected]

Call or email to set up a no-obligation, no-cost assessment. We'll chat about your goals, your situation, and how I can help you. I'll provide you with a custom plan with time and cost estimates based on your unique situation.

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