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Awesome parents (single or married)
who love their kids,

will do anything to watch them succeed,

Learn to balance multiple responsibilities with less time and resources.

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Are you working

Lessen the stress of parenting by learning how to take more time for yourself. In this session we will begin to map out a weekly plan for you to “recharge” your battery; allowing you to go through the day with more energy, clarity, and control.

Join us for a special 7-week course designed to decrease the stresses of parenting, while deepening the connections between you, your child, and your partner. Through this course, you will:

Join a Community

of like minded parents facing the same challenges as you.  

Wash away feelings that you are “alone” in this journey and fill yourself with an unwavering sense of confidence in your parenting.

Get an inside peek

into the psychology of adolescence.

Understand the hidden causes of your child’s behavior to learn what is “normal”, and how you can prevent him/her from “flying off the handle”.

Gain exclusive access

to a family and couples counselor with over 20 years’ experience.  

He will lead the group each week and is available by phone anytime you need expert advice.

enlightening conversations

What You Are “Accidentally” Teaching Your Kid

Explore the attitudes, behaviors, and habits you are subconsciously teaching your child that can dramatically alter the course of his/her life.

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